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A license entitles you to 12 months of updates (for the same major Opencart version) and support from the date of purchase. REST API price is one-time fee, we provide lifetime usage licenses. To continue to receive support, all licenses must be renewed after 12 months (not compulsory).

What can you do with the Shopping cart REST API?

It is the best solution to build Opencart Mobile App. This can be an app that users download on a mobile device and they can add items to cart, browse categories, register, login, checkout and pay. It supports the full checkout process.

This extension is the best choose for you, if you’re needing to use OpenCart with a mobile or other client app.

Opencart Rest API is a full featured api that allows you to set up your own rest services within minutes.It is designed to provide you with all the features you need from a webshop while keeping it as simple as possible to use.

Key Features

  • Available with OAuth 2.0 authentication.
  • Request and response payloads are formatted as JSON.
  • fully compatible with PHP7
  • Simple installation
  • Supports the complete checkout process
  • Full customer management module
  • Shopping cart management
  • Sell digital & physical products
  • Social login support, it allows your users to login and register with Google and Facebook
  • Multilingual support
  • OAuth server included in the package
  • PHP sample code included in the package

For full features list, please visit demo sites, where you can try all services.
Shopping Cart REST API services
When you buy the extension at usual price you automatically get the one time usage license. It enables you to use each individual product on a single website only, belonging to either you or your client. You have to purchase the same package again if you plan to use the same extension in connection with another or other projects

Buy for 2 sites and get 20% off
Buy for 5 sites and get 50% off
Unlimited license: contact us

Please choose the extension carefully to your opencart version, because we can not send the other version for free, if you buy the wrong version.
We can help you to choose the right version of extension, if you need help, please contact us.

The REST API extension adds the ability to remotely work with the OpenCart via the REST API.This works & has been tested for versions (prior versions to be developed further as required): 1.5.3 – 3.x


Search products with opencart rest api

You can combine filter parameters, you only need to use the long version of API urls.

You can combine these parameters:

  • limit
  • page
  • start
  • sort (sorty by name, model, quantity, rating, sort order, date_added)
  • order (order by desc or asc)
  • search (search keyword, search in product name, model, sku, upc, ean, jan, isbn, mpn)
  • filter_description (set this parameter 1, then the API will search in description too)
  • filters
  • manufacturer (manufacturer ID)
  • category (category ID)
  • subcategory (subcategory ID)
  • tag

Manage manufacturers with opencart rest api

  • Load manufacturers
  • Get manufacturer details by ID

Manage categories with opencart rest api

  • Load categories (default 1 level)
  • Load categories by depth level
  • Load categories by parent ID
  • Load categories by parent ID and level
  • Get category details by ID

Manage languages with opencart rest api

  • Load languages
  • Get language details by ID

Manage store with opencart rest api

  • Load stores
  • Get store details by ID

Manage products with opencart rest api

  • Load products
  • Load products by category ID
  • Search for products
  • Get product details by ID
  • Compare products
  • View the wishlist
  • Add a product to the wishlist
  • Delete a product from the wishlist
  • Post a product review
  • Load featured products
  • Load related products
  • Load latest products
  • Load bestsellers

Manage countries with opencart rest api

  • Get list of countries
  • Get country details by ID

Access your modules with opencart rest api

  • Get specials
  • Get slideshows
  • Get banners
  • Get informations
  • Manage returns

Manage cart with opencart rest api

  • Add item to cart
  • Add more item to cart (in one request)
  • Update cart item quantity
  • Delete cart item by ID
  • Empty cart
  • Load cart
  • Add voucher to order
  • Add coupon to order
  • Add reward to order
  • Estimate Shipping & Taxes

Payment address Management Services

  • Add new payment address to order
  • Set existing payment address to order
  • Get customers payment addresses

Shipping address Management Services

  • Add new shipping address to order
  • Set existing shipping address to order
  • Get customer shipping addresses

Shipping method Management Services

  • Get shipping methods
  • Set shipping method

Payment method Management Services

  • Get payment methods
  • Set payment method

User Management Services

  • Register / Create customer
  • User login / logout
  • Social login support (Google, Facebook)

Account Management Services

  • Get account details
  • Update account data
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe to newsletter
  • Get list of customer orders
  • Get order details by ID
  • Reorder order


  • PHP 5.3 or higher (minimum 5.3.28 for OAuth version because of PDO)
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • PDO (for OAuth version)
  • VQMod installed (only for Opencart 1.5.x, the extension for Opencart 2.x.x uses OCMod)
  • The API works on Nginx, and Windows server too

49 reviews for Opencart Shopping Cart REST API

(verified owner)

The api for 3.x I ordered is very stable, I tested all apis with curl command on my Macbook Pro.
Now I have installed my oc website and tested successfully on my JS client.
I hope can support the feature ” free upgrades in half of years”.

(verified owner)

Fantastic plugin. I needed a way to integrate an SSO client/handshaek to create accounts through and API and auto login the user into the site. The shopping cart API handled both tasks without any trouble at all. I had one minor issue that I needed help with and the customer service was first rate. Very responsive and very helpful. This plugin has saved me a lot of time and energy. I would have had a much longer road integrating my custom development without this plugin.

Very good

(verified owner)

This plugin is fantastic and the support team is incredibly good.

(verified owner)

I have been using this plugin for almost a year now and it’s just great to work with.

(verified owner)

A feature-rich product with good, friendly support.

(verified owner)

Excellent product, works as expected and their support is great.

(verified owner)

Module is very good and great. thanks for support
my opencart 1.5.6 compatible version.

(verified owner)

Great API Module, even GREATER support. Supported me throughout the development and replies where spot on with no delays. Seems like they don’t even sleep at night. Highly Recommended.

(verified owner)

Useful extension and 5 stars support, i really loved the response time and how helpful they were. definitely recommended!

(verified owner)

This extension has SAVED my business! These guys are absolutely FANTASTIC!!! 5 STARS!!!

(verified owner)

This the best extension ever. It worth every cent I payed. Easy to use and customer support are wonderful.

Awesome API. I have an issue installing it, but they have great support ready to help.

(verified owner)

اضافة رائعة جدا وتسهل مهمة تطوير برامج الايفون

ودعم فني ممتاز

شكرا من القلب

(verified owner)

Great plug-in and great support!

such a great api. 5 star .keep guys

(verified owner)

Great product! and support provided in configuring this plugin is awesome 🙂 I would definitely recommend plugin to this my friends.

(verified owner)

I am getting wonderful support from the developer. So I don’t hesitate to give 5 STARTS 🙂

I have no complaints and the documentation is wonderful. Keep up 🙂

Great pluging to get a Full REST API work at fast speed.So you can get background data in your app at the first step of the development.GREATE JOB !

Useful plugin and gets the job done perfectly. Tech support answered issues with my htaccess in minutes.

It’s really a good job and saves me a lot of time.
Lajos is so nice to help me a lot.

The support is excellent, the plugin works great and above all the team especially Makai is a great help.

Outstanding customer service

(verified owner)

Thanks for this extension. customer support service is awesome.

Amazing Plugin. Very neat and clean and great documentation.
We have launched our web app for android and iphone, in a short span using the plugin.

Excellent API with amazing technical support. You deserve 5 Star vote.

(verified owner)

the best api for opencart and the best support you could wish for.

(verified owner)

Thanks, Extension works great. The support is very fast and excellent. I recommend this api

(verified owner)

Really Helpful extension. Worth of everything… Customer support is what led me to give 5 starts. Kudos. Keep it up.

(verified owner)

Very good extension. Thanks for the wonderful support . It’s one of the best api extensions and excellent coding . Even if there is issue you can contact anytime the support team . Really quick reply .

Great product! Already soon year as I use this program.

More than api , i like the team’s support. thank you very much


Thanks to Tech Support! They helped me a lot. BTW REST admin is a great thing, I like the new abilities that module enables us to do!

Wonderful work bro, and i must confess the fastest response have ever enjoyed from any person was from you, really appreciate all your efforts .
Thanks a lot.. will rate 5 star any time any day, in fact i could rate 100 star if only its included.

the api is really awesome work. the only thing i miss for developing mobile applications is an oauth integration. perhaps this will be the next step.

So far so good! Works like a charm! Very useful if you want to enable mobile app version of you commerce.
And very fast response support! Thanks!

Very useful and works out of the box

(verified owner)

excellent API and excellent support..

Thank you for the extension and your pretty excellent support 🙂 I recommend this extension to anyone searching for an API for opencart.

(verified owner)

The is the best Opencart API out there, giving developers all the tools needed to build Opencart apps. Not only is it a great extension, the support and documentation is amazing, well worth the cost.

(verified owner)

A really really great and useful OpenCart module. Perhaps the only API of it’s kind for OpenCart worth paying for. Fully documented, and very well featured. Conforms very nicely to REST-ful conventions. Support from the developer is also extremely helpful. Also, the fact that you can test out the API using it’s provided Swagger documentation is really really neat.

5 out of 5; this module is worth every dollar — especially if you’re needing to use OpenCart with a mobile or other client app or even developing an extension or another module for OpenCart using a javascript framework such as Angular.js.

Works great with absolutely the best support you could wish for.

(verified owner)

Thanx for making this API. Also fully appreciate your quick response in updating something which has been missing and requested.

(verified owner)

The only best & “ready to work” REST API extension available in the market. Amazing plugin & thank you for your support. I highly recommend this extension.

We are developing iOS app based on this extension! Only this REST API ready to work with mobile apps out of the box. Our product based on this api.

(verified owner)

The services made my day for any platform.

Your rest api module is great. Thanks for the Opencart 2.0 compatible version.

Thanks, I gave you a 5 Star vote as it’s been such a useful extension to have.

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