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With our OpenCart API extension you can remotely access your OpenCart webshop, anytime, anywhere.
Create your own OpenCart mobile app for iOS, Android.
With our OpenCart API you can make your own OpenCart mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
You’ll find explanations and examples for every function.
You can test all API services on our Swagger UI demo page before your buy our REST API extension.
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Supports shopping cart functionality. It is designed to provide you with all the features you need from a webshop while keeping it as simple as possible to use.

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Opencart REST Admin API can help you to get up and running with eCommerce inventory & warehouse management systems.


Useful extension and 5 stars support, i really loved the response time and how helpful they were. definitely recommended!
Tamir Ahmed

Developer(s) extremely helpful and accomodating as well as fast to reply to all emails. The extension is powerful and works as advertised.
Michael Sullivan

Excellent API, well documented usage.
Extremely helpful and fast support response, from install help, to API calling code assistance.
Steve Pritchard

How to get a working Opencart REST API in 1 minute


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What Are You Waiting For?

With our OpenCart API extension you can remotely access your OpenCart webshop, anytime, anywhere.

Do you need a working REST API in 1 minute?

The opencart REST API allows for an almost unlimited set of possibilities for interfacing the opencart with your mobile app, web app, or other third party software.

Our extension allows store data to be created, read, updated, and deleted using the JSON format.Your opencart store can be more powerful when shop data can be pushed or pulled from other systems, like a mobile application (Android , iOs, Windows) or a complex integration with a backend accounting system, eCommerce inventory & warehouse management systems.

With Opencart REST API you can manage the complete checkout process too.
Our extensions support opencart 1.5.x, opencart 2 and opencart 3 versions.

What are our REST API benefits?

Opencart REST API was born to create an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and well-tested API Opencart has ever had. If you are doing an Opencart mobile app or JavaScript development, it’s still worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with how our Opencart extension works. This plugin provides an easy to use REST API, available via HTTP.

Retrieving or updating data is as simple as sending a HTTP request.

We work with reasonable prices and offer different packages customized for your needs.

Our support team assist you 24/7 whether you have troubles in setting up our extension, you need extra features or just have any questions.