OpenCart iOS native mobile client

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    This is iOS native mobile client for OpenCart CMS. Application written on Objective-C.
    This app depends on OpenCart REST API v2 extension.
    The package contains iOS native mobile app.

    This project no longer supported. Source code is now open and available at GitHub

    When you buy the REST API extension you automatically get the one time usage license. It enables you to use each individual product on a single website only, belonging to either you or your client. You have to purchase the same package again if you plan to use the same extension in connection with another or other projects

    This is iOS native mobile client for OpenCart CMS. Project uses cocoapods dependency management. To run app on iOS simulator or iOS device you need to install all frameworks needed in this app by running ‘pod install’ in terminal from the application project folder. After installing pods open opencart.xcworkspace to run project.App works on iOS7, iOS8, iOS9 both on iPad and iPhone.Supported features:
    • Categories & Products lists
    • Product’s detailed info
    • Product photo gallery
    • Product options selection
    • Adding product with selected options to cart
    • Guest-checkout (without registration)
    • Showcase banner on first level category
    • Newsfeed, retrieved from your community (group) posts
    Important! This app uses open source third party frameworks which are available and installs via cocoapods:
    • DACircularProgress
    • ECSlidingViewController
    • EDStarRating
    • SVProgressHUD
    • MWPhotoBrowser
    • PSTCollectionView
    • SDWebImage
    • VK-ios-sdk
    To use community posts as your newsfeed, please register your app on and put VK APP ID in to the AppDelegate.m file and set up GROUP ID in the NewsViewController.m


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